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About Churchs

CHURCHS is a nonprofit registered voluntary organization established in 1997 with broad view to uplift the marginalized and disadvantaged sections through social, economic, educational, health, welfare and community development activities. It was born out of the aspiration and community of Mr.Pamala Sambasivan, founder and President, Mrs. Ponna Navaneetha Secretary and A.Balaramaraja as honorable president with like minded individuals who have an understanding of social development and who acknowledgement the imperative Need for over all development of the depressed and oppressed communities and the Society as whole.


CHURCHS Liberating the poorest of the poor from oppression, exploitation social and economic injustice bandage and inequality.


CHURCHS Works to transform the lives of Disabled children, who are in the web of social economic and cultural issues and problems through empowerment and sustainable development.

Legal Status
  • CHURCHS Registered under the Societies Registration ACT XXI of 1860 With Regd.No:230/1997.
  • Registered under the Income Tax ACT U/S 12A and exemption U/S 80G.
  • Registered in the Ministry of Home Affairs Govt. of India under the FCRA ACT with No.
Board of Management
CRURCHS is constituted with 7 managing committee members democratically elected by the general body.
The following staffs are working in the institution

  1. N.Murugeshan - Coordinator
  2. M.Chellaiah - Warden
  3. P.Sumathi - Accountant
  4. K.Naveenbabu - Teacher
  5. B.Devaprasad - Teacher
  6. P.Sujatha - Cook
  7. M.Mamatha - Aya
  8. T.Prabhavathi - Aya
  1. To create awareness on social, economic, political and cultural awakening of the people.
  2. To strengthen and promote human rights education and idealize.
  3. To establish rehabilitation centre for the aged, widows and disabled children.
  4. To organize vocational training centers
  5. To promote literacy education, Medical and welfare services.
The society works through well centers net work of a qualified staff and with sound based organization it has strong and supportive rapport with local community and the local Govt. departments.
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